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Hobie Tandem Island Trimaran Rentals

Hobie Tandem Island Trimaran Rental at Sand Harbor Rentals

We Offer Sailing Kayak Rental with the Hobie Mirage Adventure Island Sailing Kayak. The vessel are trimaran hulls and feature Hobie’s Mirage Pedal System, which allows you to propel the boat with your feet. These are excellent boats for beginner and expert sailors. They are very difficult to flip over, and if the wind dies down, you can propel yourself back home with the Hobie “Mirage” pedals.

We are Open from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM every day (weather permitting) for sailing kayak rentals.

We often shift to a 10:00AM to 4:00PM schedule before June 15th and after September 15th. Advance reservations for rentals and demos are strongly recommended, especially during July and August. We only accept walk-up reservations for same day (non-reservation) customers. Visa/MC only. For safety reasons, we do not accept cash on the beach.

Mornings are usually have the calmest wind/waves, and parking at Sand Harbor State Park is limited, so get here early.

Hobie Tandem Island Trimaran at Sand Harbor State Park Rates

Duration Rate
2 Hours $145
3 Hours $190
Full Day $235


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